Thought Leadership: The King of Content

Thought Leadership:  The King of Content

If Content is King, thought leadership is the King of Content.  Why?  Because done right, it reflects your personality and greatness, emphasizes what you do for others, and builds loyalty and advocacy.  It also sustains your relationship with courtesans, allies and confidants, which helps secure your realm and ward off challengers.

So what’s different about Thought Leadership from other forms of content marketing?  As a practitioner and scholar in this fast-emerging discipline, I called Joel Kurtzman (who coined the term in 1994) and asked.  He said:

“Thought leadership is not just trying to further knowledge – it’s about furthering a discussion that leads to action.” 

He’s right.  I found plenty of definitions for thought leadership that didn’t reflect the imperative for action, so here’s my new definition:

Thought Leadership is the ability to aggregate followers around ideas to educate, influence and inspire. 

You can’t lead if you don’t have followers, and the action you want your followers to take is up to you.  If you subscribe to this blog you’ll probably be want to convert them into customers or persuade them to support your cause.

In coming blog entries, I’ll talk about what companies are spending on Thought Leadership and where great content comes from.

What do you think of my definition of Thought Leadership?